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What is Nanoxyn How It Works Ingredients Special Offer

Nanoxyn Alpha is a revolutionary formula that leverages the benefits of carbon for the ultimate antioxidant effect.

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Deliver oxygen at cellular level

Protect cells from free radical damage

Support cellular regeneration

Support a healthy immune system

Rejuvenate the skin

Fight against aging

Increase nutrient absorption

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What is



Liver = a better absorption of nutrients and enhanced cellular regeneration


Skin = helps counter aging and rejuvenate tissues

Delivering a high amount of  O2 at cellular level

promotes a better functioning throughout:




Our proprietary Charcoal Carbon enables the transport of essential ingredients to the cellular level,  highly increasing the absorption of nutrients and antioxidants.

Heart = higher and longer capacity of intense physical effort, a better tonus


Brain = a faster and higher efficiency for cortical processes, higher neuro-psychic tone

difference between cells in

accordance to their level

of oxygenation

Maximum Energy

In highly stressful conditions (both physical and psychological), the quantity of free radicals produced by the organism increases drastically, overwhelming our natural capacity of

elimination and inducing structural modifications at cellular level.


Free radicals can also come from exogenous sources (smoking, pollution, drugs,

hydrogenated fats in food, additives, X and UV radiations, alcohol, etc.).

Controls Stress

The importance of

countering free radicals

Rejuvenates Your System

Boosts Concentration

Our activated Charcoal Carbon

Understanding Free Radicals

NanoSOF is a porous structure which resembles that of a foam, it helps attract, bond and neutralize important quantities of Free Radicals of Oxygen (FRO) inside the human organism.

Nanoxyn Alpha

Reviews and Testimonials

Olive leaves extract  250mg

The bioactive component in olive leaves is oleuropeina, which has a high antioxidant capacity, antibacterial and immunomodulating

activity, bringing a sum of benefits for health.

Suggested use: 1 tablet/day with water, preferably in the morning

Nanoxyn Alpha


Red wine extract 30mg

Rich in natural antioxidant components, called phenols, which include: resveratrol, phenolic acids, antocyanines and


Grape seed extract 150mg

These components have well-known properties like supporting a healthy immune system and helping assure a good blood flow.

nanoSOF™ (charcoal carbon extracted from dried olive pits) 60mcg

The NANOCARBON structure contains a huge quantity of Oxygen (83.88%), which is delivered directly into the blood stream and transports nutrients

directly to cellular level.

nanoSOF™ contains 83.88% oxygen and promotes absorption of our formula to help:

Boost cellular energy production

Protect against free radicals

Support normal digestive and liver function

Maintain a healthy blood stream and skin tone

Maintain healthy cholesterol levels within the normal range

Support a healthy immune system

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a laboratory test that attempts to quantify the "total antioxidant capacity" (TAC).


Nanoxyn Alpha scores

6000/tablet, the optimum

amount of daily antioxidants.

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Official Partner


Research Center


Nanoxyn Alpha is a revolutionary product, the result of extensive scientific study.


Its ingredients are 100% natural.

Nanoxyn Alpha benefits from a

24h extended release effect.


One pack contains 30 coated tablets.


Take one tablet/day, in the

morning, with water.

ORAC 6000




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